The Night Before A Day Of Miracles

So, my church has been doing a 21-day fast since January 7, and it will be ending tomorrow, January 27th.  Tonight, being the night before, is one of those nights when it’s hard to go to sleep because of the excitement for what happens tomorrow.  Our pastor was told by God before we even started the fast that the 27th would be a day of miracles.  Part of the fast has been to have someone in the church praying for 24-hours a day, everyday, adding up to 500 hours total.  Last night, the women had a Girl’s Night and several of us stayed all night, taking different hours to pray.  All of this has been leading up to the Day of Miracles.  Yeah, it’s definitely not that easy to go to sleep right now with such awesome things in store for the morning, although I’ll have to before too long.

Part of the last sevenday of the fast, we’ve been going to church everyday and making a circuit around the walls of prayer in the sanctuary.  Each wall is under a different category and is a place where people can write names of people to pray for and prayer requests.  There’s also a wall set aside just for praising Him and another one for thanking Him for answered prayers.  Our pastor has been making a circuit and invited others to join him at 7:00 AM to do the walk.  This walk is akin to the walk the Israelites made around Jericho:  six days of silent walking, one circuit around; the seventh day taking seven circuits with rams horns blowing, finishing with loud shouts from everyone.  Tomorrow will be our seventh day and we will be blowing a rams horn (I think we only have one, but we may have some other horns blowing, will have to see), making seven circuits, finishing with loud shouting and rejoicing in the battle won.

In preparation for tomorrow, Pastor Mark had us annoint the doors with oil to prevent evil from coming into the church.  My mom went around with another woman, hunting for every door they could find, as well as a few electronics to annoint against malfunctions for tomorrow.  As we got ready for the Warehouse, our food pantry, we heard of one door that we didn’t know about.  I went with another lady to mark that door, and it being the last door…that was interesting.  it really didn’t like being called out and told to go back to where it came from, but it was forced to and the whole building is sealed against attacks from evil.  Shortly after we had annointed that door, something tried to follow a person it was ingrained in.  it was held back from entering the building, but there was a sense of eerie, creepiness that a few of the Warehouse workers felt.  Because it couldn’t enter, it tried attacking through other means, but we weren’t thwarted in the mission we’d been given and worked the Warehouse in what was an enjoyable day considering we’d had little sleep and there were attacks being made as much as possible.  I must say, it’s really fun (and it really is fun, although in a very diffrent sort of way) being given the strength and sight to see that there are attacks being made against you in the midst of an unworldly sense of peace and contentment.  We scoffed at the attacks and were able to be very firm and not let the attacks become distractions from the work we were doing.  And all of this right before the Day of Miracles.

I am really quite excited about tomorrow morning and will be going to bed shortly to get some sleep before the big day.  I know we have several people who will be prayed over for all sorts of things:  physical healing, relationships, prodigals, lost, forgiveness, provision, everything else under the sun, and of course, thankfullness and praise.  I can’t wait to see my brother-in-law healed from cystic fibrosis, my dad healed from rheumetoid arthritis he’s had for 19 years.  I can’t wait to see the prayers of provision for my husband to find a job to finally be answered as we’ve been waiting quite some time and we’re tired of waiting.  There are so many awesome things that are going to be happening tomorrow!  I’ll try to get back on here in the next few days to post what actually happened with this Day of Miracles.  Please pray with us for these miracles, praising and thanking God for being such a glorious God.  Thank you!


Overflowing of Living Water

So this post is one I meant to do shortly after the Master Painter.  I have a few pictures showing the progress of this painting as well as the finished one.  The biggest thing about this particular painting is what it’s showing.

A woman at my church had a vision that she shared with the congregation.  She saw a beautifully made jar that was being filled with pure, clean water (representing the Living Water of the Holy Spirit), so much so that it was overflowing constantly.  The jar itself, although beautiful, had large cracks in it where some mud and junk were oozing out of it.  She understood that she was the jar and that God was pouring the Living Water into her.  He was pouring so much into her that the junk of her life, all of the things she had done that had dirtied her up, was being forced out.  Some of this mud had become dry inside of her and the Living Water was turning it back into mud to purge her of it so she was filled with only the fresh, clean Living Water.  The cracks in the jar represented the hurts she had received throughout her life.  Some were big and some were small, but they mottled the surface, allowing some of the mud to seep out.  After she saw and understood that part of the vision, there was another part to it.  She saw her jar above other jars and that the Living Water that was overflowing from her jar would flow into others.  This showed how our actions affect those around us, even without us directing action towards them.  The love God has for us can flow through us into everyone around us.  That was the bulk of her vision she shared with us.  She asked for someone who was an artist that would be able to show everyone else for the following Sunday.  As soon as she asked, I knew I was going to be painting that week as I already had a canvas stretched and gessoed, just waiting for the paint.

The bulk of this painting was done Saturday night before displaying it on Sunday, I only worked on it a couple of hours on Wednesday.  I’m thinking this painting was somewhere around 10 hours of work.


This is what I did Wednesday before displaying it Sunday

This is what I did Wednesday before displaying it Sunday



This is the finished painting

This is the finished painting

So, the blue and white would be the Living Water flowing into the different jars.  The largest jar represents the oldest person, someone who’s lived longer and gotten more banged up and dirt along the way.  They have made a decision so the Living Water is flowing into them and pouring out on the other jars surrounding it.  The medium-sized jar would be like the larger’s child.  This one has seen a decent amount of life and has some dirt and cracks in it.  This jar has also made a decision for Christ and receives the Living Water, as well as having the Living Water overflowing onto it from its parent.  The smallest jar would be like the grandchild of the largest jar.  Being young still, this jar hasn’t made a decision for Christ yet and doesn’t receive the Living Water from the source, but still has the Living Water poured over it by its parent and grandparent.  This is the summary of the painting, the story behind it.

I will add more pictures once I can get them off my phone of the progress.

If you happen to have any questions about this painting, please feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.